June 16-18, SugarLand Marriott Hotel, TX













2016 Biomedical Science Session

June 18, PM2:30-5:30


Dr Steven Mo (莫升元)

Director of Strategy & Technology Solutions, UnitedHeatlh Group

About the Speaker:

  • Director of Strategy & Technology Solutions, UnitedHeatlh Group (聯合健康集團)

  • Rhodes Scholar (羅德學者) 有「全球青年諾貝爾獎」之稱的美譽

  • Management Consultant at the Boston Consulting Group (波士頓諮詢公司)

  • Co-founder and Chief Science Officer at VesCir Ltd. (開發隨身光學膚質檢測儀)

  • Research Scientist, Harvard Medical School (哈佛醫學院)

  • Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, Oxford University (牛津大學)

  • B.S. in Biology, MIT (麻省理工學院)

  • Exchange Student in Biomedical Science, Cambridge University (劍橋大學)

  • Named “Most Outstanding Senior Young Man”, Bellaire High School (百利高中) in Houston

  • Business expertise: healthcare/biopharma strategy, business development, marketing, and R&DScience expertise: cancer, nanoparticles, virotherapy, bioinformatics, therapeutic ultrasound.

Topic: How to improve one's career competitive advantages in tomorrow's U.S. healthcare industry?  




In this three-hour workshop, Dr. Mo will lead us through many important lessons of achieving a successful career in healthcare in the U.S.  By using interactive exercises with the audience, Dr. Mo will show us: (a) Who are the key players in U.S. healthcare ecosystem and what kind of talents are they looking for? (b) How to transition from a scientist/academic resume to a more industry-friendly/focused resume? (c) What are the right salaries (plus overall compensation package) for me? (d) Besides biopharma, what important roles do private equity, hedge funds, and venture capitals play in shaping tomorrow's healthcare landscape, and how to potentially obtain job offers from these small yet prestigious organizations?  All attendees are required to bring his/her resumes to ensure the most effective learning of this workshop.




SugarLand Marriott Hotel, TX

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